Stella Alexander

Stella Alexander, “World Renowned Poet, Author, And Speaker And Blogger”.

stellaSpeakingSince the day she understood the meaning of words and could form sentences which turned into paragraphs that told stories, Stella has written poetry and short stories about relationships and making decisions.

The passion is great and the words flowed.

Stella has written three poetry books, "On the Wings of My Imagination", "A Traveling Mind ~ Poetic Moments", and "Spontaneity, The Essence of Romance". All by divine inspiration black health magazine (June 2009) published an article she wrote on rejuvenating relationships and featured her book "Spontaneity, The Essence of Romance". Stella’s work was selected by the internationally esteemed author and playwright Gerald L. Ratliff . (New York ) for his 2009 Audition Book. She’s spoken at universities, company and cultural events, churches, art councils and many other venues around the country.

Rollin and Stella

Now Stella Alexander has established herself as a Romance Coach.

Rejuvenating Relationships…It Is Worth The Investment!

“Rejuvenating Relationships” was established to teach couples how to rejuvenate romance in their relationship at every stage in life.

“God, the creator of the universe, wants me to influence, encourage and inspire you to make decisions that will sculpture and rejuvenate your life to resonate the best in every area as you journey to your destiny with purpose.”